• VirTra hosted training at HQ

    Posted by Bartimus3054 on December 9, 2022

    As many of you know, VirTra hosts outside courses at our HQ. These courses sometimes tie into simulation use and sometimes do not. What they all have in common is they are conducted by some of the very best in…

  • High Risk Vehicle Contacts

    Posted by tjalioto on September 12, 2022

    Looking to bring high-risk vehicle contacts into your VirTra training?  Check out the attached article on how you can use the scenarios created just for this type of training! High Risk Vehicle Contacts

  • How to Obtain the Newest Content

    Posted by nnelson on June 6, 2022

    To provide our clients with more relevant content, there have been new scenarios, V-VICTA courses and V-Author characters available for your system. The latest content includes: • Behavior Analysis Threat Response – 7 hours of nationally certified V-VICTA® curriculum to…

  • V-VICTA – How do you use it?

    Posted by Nano Espinoza on January 8, 2021

    VirTra’s V-VICTA library is constantly growing so that you can continue to have more high-quality certified training hours and you can also find these training manuals, pre-tests, post-tests, student handouts, etc. to download both on your simulator or in the…